The Self Employed Work Ethic!

Over the last several years, I have assisted self-employed people become successful. A lot of the problem comes from “Work Ethic”.Now you may say “But I work for myself?” Well that is the time that the work ethic really takes affect (that and when you are commissioned and working out of the home). Really, look at your work environment, what you are doing, how you dress and what the work environment really is like.One of the people I helped, we will call him Sid, was working from an office in his home. He was doing well but could do better and he knew it. He had commissioned me for a week consultation on how to improve his business.On inspecting his work environment, I made several observations. After two days, I knew what we had to do.First was to take the office from the main floor of his home and place it in the basement. The move took away the easy access to “Daddy” from the kids. It also gave the kids a room that they could store their toys without being underfoot. You see kids toys where in his office and that means his kids where taking up his working time. Remember, when you are working you should be working.Second was the way he went to work. On the first day, I sat with him Sid dressed as if he was going to work. He wore a good pair of dress pants, shirt and tie. His sales where higher on that day and he was surprised. The second day he did the same type of clothing and surpassed his average by a lot. His surprise told me all I needed to know. I asked him and he responded that he usually sits in his bathrobe or a pair of ratty jeans to do his work. I explained that even though your commute is just 50 feet and in the same building does not mean you can slack off. When you wear the ratty jeans, your attitude changes and people hear that. They hear the “I don’t care” in your voice. Dress for success is the meaning of this part of the newsletter.It comes down to the fact that people can tell if you care enough when you are on the phone. They hear the smile, they can tell if you care or not. Conduct your home business like you would if you where going to an office.Oh, Sid has almost doubled his sales since he made the changes.