Furniture Buyers In China Want Better Quality Than US Buyers: WTF? (What the Furniture?)

Anybody with friends or family in the retail or manufacturing sectors knows too well that a veritable ton of manufacturing jobs were lost to Asia over the last 20 years as companies sought cheaper, lower skilled labor. But the newest twist in the Chines overseas push in furniture is actually ironic. In the end, American consumers come out looking like nitwits.Ashley Furniture, a 69 year-old family owned company is known in the US for their entry level, lower end furniture catering largely to retailers like Sears and Kmart as well as having some retail outlets of their own. Like so many US furniture operations, Ashley also moved their furniture production to China 20 years ago to reduce labor costs. However, today, the furniture giant is opening something else in China and it’s not more manufacturing facilities: Its 2nd retail store.With a growing Chinese middle class, Ashley sees opportunity in the furniture hills. But here’s the kicker: For the Chinese customer, Ashley has developed a better quality, higher grade line, one they’ve named the King’s Wear label. There are clear differences between the Chinese consumer and the US consumer, some of which has driven Ashely to their up-scaling move. Here are some facts according to Ashley top brass:The Chinese customer wants to know more about a company’s history before making a purchase. A 69 year old family run story is probably a good story to tell.
The Chinese are even more susceptible to Social Media before making a purchase. Translated, they are more likely to be affected by constant drip messaging.
The Chinese are more likely to stay in the city once they’ve urbanized and left their rural roots. As a result, people are far less mobile in China than those living in the US.
A consumer with less mobility – meaning – one less likely to relocate – is far more interested in quality and lasting product and is therefore more willing to pay a higher price at purchase time.The result? Ashley is still manufacturing their product largely in China. Though as a side note, they’ve moved much of their fabric cutting and sewing to Vietnam, which has become “the new China” given the lower cost labor available the for the moment. In any case, Ashely continues to manufacture in China and Asia, however for the Chinese consume, they have created a new, higher end, higher quality line that appeals to the Chinese middle class buyer. The Chinese middle class buyer today wants quality. (They also want things smaller given the smaller sizes of their urban dwellings – but that’s another story). Ashley is making their better quality product for sale OVERSEAS and manufacturing overseas to sell their lower end mediocrity in the US market where we lap it up like hungry kittens. Is Ashley at fault? Absolutely not. We are. The Chinese consumer has different requirements and Ashely is responding to those market needs. Slap it on a bun, add some cheese whiz, and we American’s are fat and happy.Here are the burning questions: Where are you on this? Have you ever purchased Ashley furniture here in the US – and if so – what did you think of it? And importantly, what matters more to you – lowest price or the best quality performance (and look) you can afford? Will American consumers ever start to demand more of our retailers and our manufacturers – and if so – will the resources deliver?

Buying Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

When buying solid wood bedroom furniture you get what you pay for. The more you pay, the better the quality, although there are certain things you can look out for to ensure that you get the best possible quality and value from every dollar you spend. Here are a few tips on buying solid wood bedroom furniture with reference to two specific brands.The two bedroom furniture collections to be reviewed are the Millennium Camilla range by Ashley and the Farnsworth collection by Broyhill – both American furniture manufacturers and both crafted from solid woodThe Camilla Range – Millennium by Ashley FurnitureIn each case we shall look at the king bed, and also check out the other pieces available in the collection. Whether or not the bedroom furniture is part of a wider collection of home furniture is immaterial, since it is only the bedroom furniture we are considering here.Crafted in brown cherry and cherry veneer, this Camilla solid wood bedroom furniture in the Millennium collection by Ashley Furniture is well finished to an attractive sheen. The case tops are finished with a pecan veneer which, together with the hardware in an antique bronze shade, offers an elegant and good-looking collection of bedroom furniture.The king bed comprises a sleigh headboard and footboard, and a set of rails, slats and support legs. The headboard is 80 inches wide by 65 inches high by 11 inches deep with the footboard 83 x 36 x 11 inches. The rails are 8.75 inches from the floor.The nightstands are 35H x 31W x 19D inches, with three drawers, the top one of which is felt lined for jewelry. The 55H x 45W x 20D chest has four full-width drawers and two half-width drawers at the top, the latter also being felt lined, and the dresser is the same depth, but 73 inches wide and 38 inches high. The dresser is fitted with eight half-width drawers, and comes with a beautiful mirror framed in the same dark cherry.On the whole, this is a beautiful collection of bedroom furniture crafted in a traditional style by Ashley Furniture. Perhaps the only criticism could be that the selection is restricted, with no alternative to the sleigh bed design. It appears there is no under-bed storage which many people find essential. Apart from that, this is an excellent collection and offers a traditional style of beauty to your bedroom.The Farnsworth Collection by BroyhillIn contrast, the Farnsworth bedroom furniture collection by Broyhill is a simple English design, not nearly as ornate as the Camilla, with square lines and finished in black. However, the collection offers an Old World charm that is completely functional with more pieces on offer than the above although again, only the sleigh bed design is offered.The king bed sleigh headboard is at 79.75W x 56H x 8.75 in inches, slightly less than offered with the Camilla. You have the choice of a plain or storage footboard. The latter is dimensioned at 82.75W x 18H x 18D and comes with two drawers, providing the storage space that many find essential.However, there is also ample storage offered by the chest which is 54H x 40W x 18D. The drawer arrangement is the same four bottom and two top as with the Camilla collection, but the edges are beveled giving the whole set a softer look than it would otherwise have. The top two drawers have slightly curved fronts.The dresser is 60W x 42H x 18D with a 42 inch landscape mirror that is plainly framed in black wood. The drawer arrangement is the same eight half-width drawers. The nightstands are 30 x 30 x 18 inches, smaller than those in the above collection. Overall, in fact, the Farnsworth collection is smaller and less substantial than the Camilla range, but where it scores is in the extra pieces.Broyhill have included a 4-drawer 46 inch media chest for your TV. To many, this is an essential item of bedroom furniture. If you want, there is also a small round pedestal table and chairs so you can either have more furniture in a larger bedroom, or take advantage of the smaller dimension of this collection for a smaller room.Which is For You?These two collections of solid wood bedroom furniture differ in several ways: one is in brown cherry, the other in black; one is in a traditional more ornate style while the other is plain; one offers only the basic pieces while the other offers a TV chest and table and chairs. One provides antique finish metal handles, while other has simply wooden knob pulls. Which should you choose?In fact each of these collections, the Millennium Camilla by Ashley and the Farnsworth by Broyhill, are beautiful collections of solid wood bedroom furniture. Each person will make their choice according to their personal preferences and to their needs. However, one thing is sure: if neither of these attract you, there are plenty more to be found online and in your local furniture outlet showroom.

Ashley Bedroom Furniture and Buying Furniture Online

Ashley bedroom furniture is some of the most sought after on the planet. The Ashley Furniture Company was founded on New Year’s Day, 1945 and has since become North America’s top selling furniture brand. The designers and furniture manufacturers at Ashley possess more than just skills needed to make solid, durable furniture; they know that consumers want high degrees of quality, innovative style, a huge selection and excellent customer service all thrown in the mix as well. And of course, that’s what all 6 nationwide Ashley furniture outlets deliver.Ashley bedroom furniture is the product of a four-tiered business model that has made the Company thrive in all economic conditions, for more than six decades now. At Ashley Furniture, the emphasis is placed upon providing distinct, coordinated product lines that allow consumers to select from various combinations of elegant, lasting furniture for dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and more. Meticulous care is given to every detail for matching the materials, finishes and design standards flawlessly.You’ll find their furniture irresistibly beautiful, and impressively priced for big savings, especially when you’re buying furniture online. As nice as it is the visit a brick-and-mortar their furniture outlet, you’ll find more Ashley products available for your consideration on the Internet. Further, when you visit an online outlet, you’re going to get better pricing, the same superior customer service – and instant access to products from various other world leading furniture designers and manufacturers as well.The Ashley Furniture Company makes no bones about the fact that they want to be “The Best Furniture Company” on the planet. They have a distinguished past and continue to forge into the future putting comprehensive customer satisfaction first. Ashley is a proud company that remains sincerely excited to make optimal-quality furnishings for people all over the world. Ashley and every Ashley outlet also cares deeply about the environment. Every effort in every phase of operations is performed with attentive focus to recycling, reusing and replenishing all available natural materials.Ashley bedroom furniture selections:• Youth and adult bedroom sets;
• Chairs and ottomans;
• Lamps and rugs;
• Desks and office chairs;
• Mattresses and bedding sets;
• Bunk beds;
• Chests and armoires;
• Dressers and mirrors;
• Bedroom furniture accessories;
• And more!Never underestimate the power, efficiency and convenience of the Internet to allow you to select from the finest Ashley bedroom furniture available anywhere at any prices. In your personal virtual Ashley outlet, you’ll be able to conveniently deal with all aspects of shopping, purchasing and setting up delivery. Take your time and enjoy a pleasant, money-saving and very safe online purchasing experience.