Las Vegas Travel Tips – How to Save in Las Vegas!

Are you planning or at least thinking about going to Las Vegas? If you are, then the the first tip I have for you is to go! Las Vegas is awesome and there really are things for the entire family. You will have so much fun you will want to go back each year. Here are some more Las Vegas travel tips to help you get there and back with a memorable trip.First, if you have never been there, then you should know that you can save yourself the money of renting a car. It is a complete waste and you need to know that they have a very cheap and good bus system on the strip that will get you where you need to go. If you want to go to play golf or something off the strip the cabs are pretty reasonable and are all over the place as well.Second, you must go outside of your hotel and check out a few different places. Margaritaville is a must and if you are into comedy there are about 5 great comedy clubs that make for an awesome night out. There are also many shows that go on and some of them are actually free. Plus at night time the Las Vegas strip is all lit up and it is beautiful.The last of the travel tips is to make sure you get a hold of one of the coupon books. There are a ton of these and they will save you a lot of cash. The best ones are the coupon books that you can get before you ever get to Las Vegas. These are usually found online. This is one of the most important Las Vegas travel tips I can give you.