4 Article Marketing Tips For Better Traffic

Need a traffic boost? Here are 4 article marketing tips for better traffic that you can take to the bank!

1. Article Marketing Traffic Tip #1: Use Numbers Or Curiosity

Use a number in your headline to grab the readers attention. Numbers are very specific. Anyone just browsing through will be naturally curious about the number in your headline. This also makes your article seem more believable because numbers are very specific.

Another trick you can use is curiosity. So as opposed to entitling this as “4 Article Marketing Tips For Better Traffic,” I could have called it something to the effect of “Are You Using These 4 Article Marketing Tips For Traffic?” The question and the curiosity from that headline will almost guarantee a better open rate!

2. Article Marketing Traffic Tip #2: Use Visual Breaks

Humans are by their very nature visual creatures. If you can capture the eye’s attention, the brain will soon follow! Plus, humans are also very naturally lazy readers. They much prefer to scan. Creating visual breaks and white space in your articles will not make you more effective in your writing, but it will draw your readers in more so that they are more likely to follow your call to action.

Plus, if you have ever tried to read an article that is only a couple of paragraphs that contain more than 5 or 6 sentences per, you know what I mean. Very few people are interested in reading like that on their computer screen.

3. Article Marketing Traffic Tip #3: Don’t Spam

The days of writing one article and submitting it to hundreds of directories are over. Stop wasting your time doing it. You are much better served to write good, quality articles that actually provide value for people instead of trying to spam them over to your website.

It does take some more time, but think about it from the search engine’s perspective. When they see one article, or a series of articles that look alike, all over the internet, do you think that they are confused about what they really are? They are not. Google, Yahoo and Bing recognize what is going on – that some marketers were trying to take advantage of the algorithms for increased rankings and traffic. It may have worked for awhile, but no more.

4. Article Marketing Traffic Tip #4: Creating A Compelling Reason To Click

No one wants to read your bio in your article author box. They do not really care!